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Your first step towards planning your holiday or other trip for Africa has started!

Through various steps and pages we will give you all our guidelines towards a successful trip and more. We consider ourselves to be experts and are please to share this information with you who has shown interest in this exciting continent that has LOTS to offer.

We have been in your shoes before and struggled to find relevant information to plan our trip. Some of you might be looking for a budget safari in Africa, you heard of Serengeti or Masai Mara but what to choose? All of you definitely want a cheap airline ticket to Africa, or an overall budget safari. What if you want to fly within Africa you might be interested in cheap flights in Africa. Are you traveling alone or with friends or your family? We have tips for Africa for women and a family safari in Africa.

Whatever your prefer, you will find it here and if you do NOT – please contact us and request for the information you need. Our main goal is to offer YOU a ‘complete Africa solution’ and we need YOUR help to make this possible.


Enough talking…………… here we go!


As we have mentioned we want to do more with Africa4You then just providing a blog for travelers or backpackers. Those type of blogs are available online and to be honest… we have learned a few things from others but still believe we can offer you something MORE by fine-tuning it to your specific needs. No hassle of clicking though 20 websites, Africa4You will offer you the complete Africa solution and not restricted to holidays alone.

As you are planning your holiday for Africa we are asking you to think of which category you belong to. Ofcourse there are more dimensions that we will look at like:

  • Do you want a budget safari (i.e. cheap travel) in Africa or is money not an issue
  • For how long are you traveling
  • What are your trip preferences:
    • Adventure
    • Safari
    • Beach
    • Hiking and climbing Kilimanjaro, Mount Kenya, or others
    • Or most likely a combination of this

But it all starts with your travel ‘fellowship’ and or your choice for another cause then traveling. Please click on one of the categories below to go to the customized Africa information for YOU.







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John Goodluck
Africa 4 You

John Goodluck

Africa expert at Africa 4 You
My name is John and I have been traveling in, working in, living in, and enjoying Africa since 2009. I want to share as much as I can with you to offer you a complete Africa solution. This is an amazing continent that can no longer be hidden from most of the world. Follow my website and social networks to unleash your African potential!
John Goodluck
Africa 4 You

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