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Welcome to the Africa4You portal. Planning a holiday for Africa? By yourself, with friends, or all together as a family with the kids? There is a lot of prejudice about Africa and we want to show you that most of that is not true and it is a GREAT continent to visit for many reasons so wait no longer and plan a holiday for Africa.

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Nice to e-meet you – John Goodluck is the name

My name is John Goodluck and I have been

Omo valley

Omo Valley, Ethiopia

traveling, working, and living in various African countries since 2009.  I could probably write a book of all my experiences (97.3% positive) but I prefer something more useful that can target more people hence this website.

Back in 2009 I was looking for an adventure and thought of planning a holiday for Africa. I completed my master studies a few years earlier, worked for 3 years as an IT business consultant and project manager that taught me a lot but I felt I wanted to see more of the world and made up my mind. I asked my boss if I could take a year off (?!?!) and when he (obviously) said ‘no’ I told him that I am quitting. Not something you do everyday right?

I booked a one-way ticket  to Nairobi after which I would continue to the North of Tanzania for a temporal consultancy job. From there the real adventure started which taught me a lot about many African countries and I am thrilled to share it here with you so you can also plan a holiday for Africa. In total I worked in 6 different countries and visited 19 African countries. The shortest period per country was 2 weeks and the longest 3 years. For details check out the various blogs.

Even though I met various interesting African women and had a small relationship here and there I found my true love in 2015 in Julia. She will tell you more about her story if you read on but I am happy that we found a common interest in sharing our experiences with you.

Enjoy your journey at Africa4You – The Complete Africa Solution and get in touch through the various social networks you find throughout the website or by email to


Hello there…I am Julia Adams

My blogging face

My adventure in Africa started in 2014 when I volunteered for an NGO in Malawi. From Malawi to Zimbabwe, Rwanda and eventually Zambia where I met John. We are happy living here but try to travel as much as possible within Africa. Both of us enjoy working on this website and feel we can offer you a complete Africa solution in many fields.

My specific interest lies in the women of Africa and how strong they are. If you come from Europe or another developing part of the world you will be amazed about what women go through here. Furthermore I serve as the feminine counter part of John and try to put certain things in a different perspective – i.e. the woman’s perspective.

As John mentioned we are available on several social networks and if you wish to contact me directly please send an email to


Please feel free to communicate with us for all your questions and demands. We are looking forward to interact and can write blogs or specific pages based on your personal needs. Leave us a comment or request in the form below.

Don’t look back and keep going forward like our friends here…


John Goodluck
Africa 4 You

John Goodluck

Africa expert at Africa 4 You
My name is John and I have been traveling in, working in, living in, and enjoying Africa since 2009. I want to share as much as I can with you to offer you a complete Africa solution. This is an amazing continent that can no longer be hidden from most of the world. Follow my website and social networks to unleash your African potential!
John Goodluck
Africa 4 You

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