Zambia Victoria falls and astonishing gameparks

Victoria Falls – Zambia

Zambia (previously known as Northern Rhodesia up to independence on 24 October 1964) is one of the most peaceful countries in Africa and the Zambians are proud of that title. It is a land linked country that is bordered by 8 other countries, check the map for details.

There are 72 officials languages although there are 4 main languages and generally one could make the following distribution:

  • North:   Bemba
  • South:   Tonga
  • West:    Losi
  • East:     Nyanja/ Chewa

But…don’t worry English is the official language and all official communication is in English. Almost everyone you will meet is able to speak decent Zambian English only when you go more rural you will find more difficulties but I guess that is one of the beauties of traveling.


Things to see and places to visit

Zambia’s biggest attraction was evident when you opened this page and the Victoria Falls is really an amazing sight that everyone should see in their lifetime. Apart from that there are many more things to see so let me give you my list with the best attractions on top – working my way down. I will give you my recommendations for the best safari in Zambia. This however does not mean the attractions or places at the bottom are not worth going. Please check them out for yourself and make your decision.

Victoria Falls Africa

A lot of people heard about the Victoria Falls but are not sure where it is. Hence Victoria Falls Africa is a good way to start.

Things to do at the Victoria Falls


South Luanga National Park
North Luanga National Park
Kafue National Park
Lower Zambezi National Park



Tips & Tricks





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