How many countries in Africa – and how many should you visit?

John Goodluck

My name is John and I have been traveling in, working in, living in, and enjoying Africa since 2009. I want to share as much as I can with you to offer you a complete Africa solution. This is an amazing continent that can no longer be hidden from most of the world. Follow my website and social networks to unleash your African potential!

2 Responses

  1. Hi, I’ve never been to Africa… where are the best places to visit? Do you make recommendations? Cheers, Karen

    • John Goodluck says:

      Hello Karen. Africa is a great continent and I have been moving around there for the last 7 years. If you are interested just give me a bit of time so I can upload all content. I think I really have something to offer as many people do not know much about the continent which is a shame.

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